Boxersize Program

Lonsdale Boxing Club is not primarily a boxing specific program. 

One of the successful programs we offer at Lonsdale Core Fitness is a modernized boxing fitness program--Boxercise.  Boxercise is a non-contact fitness program that combines the intensity, ednurance, and skill-aquisition of boxing, in the effort to create a unique fitness program.  Participants learn the skills of boxing by learning great emphasis on making sure that participants receive quality instructions in a safe friendly environment.

Lonsdale Core Fitness boxercise program runs every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 5:30pm - 6:30pm and is instructed by qualified coaches.

RESULTS and GOALS of Boxercise

  • Proper coordination by skipping --- including fast/slow pace, rhythmic fast/slow skipping etc. 
  • Punching: Jabbing, foot movement, body mobility, swiftness, and punching combination drills.
  • Bag punching, abdominal toning, muscle toning, upper and lower body strengthening and generalboxing training drills both physically and mentally.
  • It's sociably fun.
  • Learn from experienced instructors with years of achievement in both coaching and competing.